A film preview about (drug) addictions.

What do you think? Do you like movies which are about things like drugs, alcohol or something else, which don't have happy mood or happy end?
Determinism Dir: Sanjit Majumdar and Ranju Majumdar   
Set in a racially charged university, DETERMINISM pinpoints on Alec, an alienated Indian American college student who’s run out of options. After flunking out of school and the collapse of his father’s finances, Alec sets his sights on the best selling commodity available: DRUGS. Honing in on a local dealer’s stash and enlisting the help from his ex-cokehead best friend Tristan, Alec unwittingly sets off a bloody chain reaction of violence that may lead to the point of no return.

About the directors:
The 24-year-old identical twin brothers Sanjit and Ranju Majumdar were born in Queens to South Asian immigrant parents (father Bangladeshi, mother Indian) and raised in Pompton Lakes, a small, white, working-class town in New Jersey.

In high school, they began making short films and at 16 embarked on their first feature-length production, AN OPTIMISTIC PERSPECTIVE. Two years later, AN OPTIMISTIC PERSPECTIVE (and their whimsical animated short, BOWLING FOR A DREAM) premiered in the Official Section of the 2004 Lake Placid Film Festival on the very day as their senior prom. No question, they skipped the prom in favor of attending their first film festival.

Months later, while in their freshman year at Penn State University, the twins participated in the 2005 Berlinale Talent Campus. In the summer of 2005, they began developing DETERMINISM, which was scripted, shot, and edited during stolen hours while working toward their degrees in New Media. They graduated Summer 2009. 

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