Not Going To Grab A Shit

Drop drop drop.

When I was just a kid I liked rain more than now because I thought it came from the space.

The Pit And The Pendulum

By Edgar Allan Poe

Forgive my morbidness, pretty please, but I thought I'd post Poe's story. It may be scary and annoying.  


My s[crap]book.

                             Stop by Twin Sister
 Because my dear grandfather passed away this Monday I tried to do something in my sadness. 
As you can see, I played around I little bit since I still consider myself as a kid.


Not exactly. 

Check in, check out

Just checking in and checking out some Japanese fashion magazines!


~need list~

As I browse through my wardrobe, shelves, drawers I always run out of some little things. O.o 

 I just realized that I need...