"Don't worry, there are worse thing on this image than this bird."
"Arggh! You're so pessimistically optimistic!" 
 For a moment I was thinking it was a joke but after I realized that he was right. Well, yes, my painting is not ready yet. It's quite huge, maybe around 1x1,5 metres, I'm not doing a copy just an "alike" picture. I believe in my eyes' skills! But I'm too shy to take photos of it.
If I remember well, than I started painting by the end of January. I made empty lot of Acrylic paint tubes, destroyed many materials. Just for a... 
(continues below) 

When I want to play sick I'll use my markers to color my lips and wear wool covers. 
A cute Marni T. Cute, isn't it? This wicked family made me giggle. 

... Just for a poppy! 
(Shame on me I don't remember the author and the real painting's name.)
Tears came into my eyes and I wanted to cry. Oh my, I'm not a Renoir why does he expect so much from me? I still consider myself a kid. Kids aren't supposed to be as good as adults.  
Dead squirrel. Part of life. 
I'm puzzled.

I'm not in hurry. I've enough time. I have time to grow up. I have time to live. I have time to finish the unfinished infinity. 



I've been browsing a little... let's see what I found! (click on the images for the real size)


 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes


Bridget Jones's Diary 

Roman Holiday 

Marie Antoinette 

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

The Broadway Melody 

Sex and New York 


 Brotherhood of the Wolf 


 Factory Girl

 All About Eve

 Devil Wears Prada



Awesome dyed hair tips!