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I and my grandmother visited my grandfather on Sunday in the hospital on the intensive care unit. [I so hate hospitals I always feel bad when I'm there.] As we walked in the room, I saw him sitting on the bed looking out the window. Tears came to my eyes. I tried to not cry cause two other patients were watching the F1 race. I said a "hi". He told me to sit on the bed. It was pretty tall, I can say but I didn't care. I was thinking about things I want to say. Most of these thing didn't want  to come out off my mind. Whatever, I sat there and listened to my grandparents' debate. She argued with him kindly like "you silly, why didn't you tell me it hurt you? You know, 2 months are long time and maybe it's too late now. You're such an actor. Your son works here and you didn't even tell him your trouble. And I cooked everything you liked but you didn't say 'don't put pepper into the soup cause my stomach hurts' "  


Still Sound

  by Toro Y Moi :]

What remains?

My tasks:
♣ draw pattern for my pillow and sew it into an owl shape
♣ learn for the new school year
♣ take photos on given themes
♣ repaint my wellies