~need list~

As I browse through my wardrobe, shelves, drawers I always run out of some little things. O.o 

 I just realized that I need...

~White eye pencil 

I think I like white eye pencils more than black kajals. 
They are awesome for making eyes optically bigger and
 highlighting and just playing around. 

~ Magenta lipstick 

 Oh well, do I need to explain why is magenta good? 
Whatever, even if I had to I wouldn't know what reasons to say. ^-^ 
When I saw this lipstick I was like ":O" but I don't know whether magenta fits me or not. 
I want it!  

~Jade green nail varnish
 Somehow, I became (just a little bit) obsessed with green color, especially greens (jade, marine, turquoise). 
It's a nice and calm color, right? ^_^
Green is not aggressive to me like orange:
lol, 2 years ago when it wasn't "in" yet 
I could kill for this color but now that I see orange on every second girl, somehow this orange obsession left me. 
Fun thing that I have a matching lipstick from Catrice! >.<

~Brooch bases   
When you DIY it's healthy! I use to hang little objects to it, sometimes stick images, decorate with beads and
 I'm very happy when I'm ready with these small accessories.

^ Those minimalist ones of course.
I have a couple of medium format photos which should be on walls. :P 

Gosh, those are cute, I want 'em!  :3

~Tights with cats 
 I'm a black cat lover too!
(I was really sad when I saw a dead cat on the road yesterday. People are so rude sometimes.)
So yeah, I want at least one pair of tights with catz on them! 
Or maybe I just buy plain white tights and paint cats on them by myself, for the case I won't find in local shops.   

~Blue (or turquoise and purple) mascara
Well, that's all for me right now. :] 

And what is on you ~need list~?

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5 thoughts:

Marcela Gmd said...

Beautiful and personal, list!!
I love the bleu mascara
Have a wonderful weekend!

Besos, desde España, Marcela

Cristina L. said...

cute things!!! your blog is awesome!!!

Katsuumi said...

Llovely things ;) I like your blog. If you want we can follow each other! :)

taylor said...

i hate it when you realize youre out/running out of things you use everyday.
Im in desperate need of some black pants, unfortunately. And i think i'm going to have to wait until november to get them!

t said...

Nice picks!