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My granddad is very ill.

He's in hospital now and he has huge problems with his liver. My parents don't want to tell what illness he has. I guess, it's bad. Very bad. I'm so afraid he leaves. I pray and pray and pray, but does this praying help? I even don't know. But I'm sure crying doesn't help this much.
When I am sad I learn. Yeah, I learned yesterday too.
At least I didn't have to think of the tomorrow but as many times I'm cured by learning I check the television and all current programs are about family, hospitals, illnesses, sad times and death. We are surrounded by negativity. Almost, everywhere.

I hate sharing my sorrow so I'm posting images which blew my mind today. I wish I was a Hubble telescope!

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Male said...

Very nice pictures!

Jo said...

Gorgeous photographs, and so inspiring too! <3 I am slightly obsessed with stars, I wish I had a telescope too!

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yuma said...

The space is mysterious,and I'm very moving!esp.I like Jeffrey Campbell shoes:)


taylor said...

I'm sorry about your grandfather. It's always rough when love ones get sick. I hope everything works out:)

These photos are breathtaking...I don't know what I believe about the afterlife but its comforting to think that we'll be up in space floating around. Stars are so pretty. It's hard to be sad looking at them.

xxAttention, Attention!

BlueVanilla said...

So sorry to hear about your granddad...i will keep him in my prayers...which i strongly believe works :) hope you feel better soon and positivity heads your way!

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The Followers of Fashion said...

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Shara said...

love this post love galaxy:)La Folie